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Relief and the quality care you want and deserve can begin today, but you have to act first. Schedule your appointment now with South Arizona Sinus, an ENT dedicated to treating your conditions in a friendly, comfortable environment with minimally-invasive procedures.

Get rid of your sinus infections for good!
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Stop Allowing Sinusitis to Run Your Life!

Are sinus infections turning your days into stuffy, snotty messes, and your nights into frustrating, congested chaos? You don’t have to suffer through your symptoms alone. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Gordon to take a step away from your infections and towards relief.

Chronic Sinusitis Sufferer?
Trust Balloon Sinuplasty to restore your sinuses
balloon sinuplasty

The Safe Alternative to Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

You’re suffering from chronic sinusitis, and you need it to stop. Endoscopic sinus surgery, which permanently removes bone and tissue from your nose and requires weeks of recovery, is not your only option. Learn if you’re a candidate for the minimally-invasive and FDA-cleared Balloon Sinuplasty.

About Balloon Sinuplasty
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What impact are sinus issues having on your life?

Are you aware of the ways your sinus issues impact your life? Are you aware we have the answers that will help you regain control? Take the South Arizona Sinus quiz to find out. Your answers will help shed light on what’s going on with your sinus condition and how you can find a permanent solution.

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Why Chose Us

Known as an experienced, caring, and capable ENT, Dr. James Gordon looks forward to serving the needs of South Arizona residents, including you. He takes time to learn about you and your case before working with you to create a treatment plan that works with your life.

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What Our Patients Say About Us

5-star Patient Review


I've had sinus issues for 30 years. Within 6 weeks, after a sinus procedure, I was better. The pressure and headaches are gone. He's like an old fashioned doctor. He listens and doesn't type into a stupid computer. One of a kind!!
5-star Patient Review

One of a Kind!!!!

I saw Dr. Gordon at the east side office. My doctor recommended someone else, but my neighbor said go see the doc. Boy was she right! Dr. Gordon is smart and to the point. I was fixed in no time! He listens!!
5-star Patient Review

What a great doctor!

I've been seeing Jim for 10 years. I'm cancer free! What a great doctor.

5-star Patient Review

He's the best!

I have being seeing Dr. Gordon for 10 years. I was always getting sinus infections. He figured out my immune system was weak and that’s why I was sick all the time. Now I’m better. I’d seen three other ENTs who just recommended surgery. Awesome!
5-star Patient Review

Dr. Gordon is amazing!

He is an amazing doctor. So caring and doesn't make you feel rushed. I love him and would highly recommend him.

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Don’t let your sinus infection continue to disrupt your life.
Sinus infections, also known as sinusitis, occur when your sinuses are filled with fluid that should be draining elsewhere. Sinus infections are a sign that your body is reacting to allergens or irritants, weakened from medications or previous colds, or has a structural problem. If the problem is not fixed, a single infection can last weeks or months, or continue to come back again and again.
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