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Advanced Relief from Painful Sinusitis

Are you ready to take your life back from sinus infection symptoms?

While some infections can resolve on their own under the right conditions, infections that develop within your sinus passages are painful, disruptive, and can turn into chronic issues. The answer is simple. You can prevent further harm to your health and take your life back from sinus pressure and pain by seeking treatment from Dr. James Gordon, of South Arizona Sinus

Don’t let chronic, severe sinus pain or infection leave you feeling run down and frustrated. Sinus sufferers can find meaningful relief of painful sinus symptoms thanks to modern innovations in sinus care technology.

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What options do I have for treatment?

There are many ways that sinus infections can be resolved; the treatment that will work best for you depends on your history and type of sinusitis (acute, recurrent, chronic, allergic, fungal) , your body, and your lifestyle. As with any medical condition, it is best to work alongside an ENT specialist to determine the most effective treatment for your specific condition. Your relief may present itself in several ways:

Balloon Sinuplasty, also referred to as Balloon Sinus Dilation

This procedure can be performed in our offices in under an hour. A small balloon is placed in your blocked sinus pathway, inflated, and removed. The result is an open sinus pathway that allows drainage, preventing bacteria from building up and causing sinusitis. Since 2005, more than 375,000 patients have put an end to their recurrent or chronic sinusitis with the balloon sinus dilation procedure.

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Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Endoscopic sinus surgery is a popular treatment for chronic sinusitis. In the past, sinus surgery in the operating room was your only option for treatment of chronic sinusitis that failed to respond to medications. ESS is an invasive procedure that can take weeks or months to achieve full recovery. This permanent procedure involves removing bone and tissue in your nose to prevent further blockages.

Medical Prescription Treatment and Nasal Sprays

This is only a short-term solution; antibiotics can really only help with relief of a single sinus infection. They work by attacking the bacteria that leads to the infection; they do not address the root cause of your sinusitis, and there may be some additional risks, such as allergic reaction.

Nasal sprays are also a short-term treatment option. This method uses medication to reduce the swelling of your sinus openings. Drainage is restored, but only temporarily. If overused, you may become reliant on the product and the medications applied to your sinuses.

An Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) doctor, such as Dr. Gordon, can diagnose your specific condition.

Their diagnosis that you may be a chronic sinusitis sufferer is based on several of the most common symptoms, which include:

  • Constant, frequent headaches

  • Stuffy nose and nasal discharge

  • Fever

  • Pressure in your sinuses (behind the eyes and near your cheeks)

  • Bad breath and coughing

  • Extreme fatigue

Ready for long-term relief from chronic sinus infections? Learn more about Balloon Sinuplasty read some of the frequently asked questions patients like yourself have had when faced with their options, or take action now and schedule a consultation to talk with Dr. Gordon today!

Sinus sufferers can now take their lives back from sinus infections
If you suffer with chronic sinusitis that has not responded to medications, you have options!
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