Sinus Infections

Do your sinus symptoms just seem to hang on with no end?

If you find yourself experiencing lengthy periods of sinus pain or recurrent symptoms, you may be stuck in a cycle of chronic sinusitis and sinus infection.

It may start out as a cold, but if your symptoms drag on past 4 weeks, you might be struggling with a chronic sinus infection.  Sinusitis is a painful condition resulting from swelling of the sinus membranes. This swelling can block the sinus passageways, preventing mucus from draining.

As mucus builds up in the sinus cavities, it stagnates, allowing organisms to grow and cause a sinus infection. The result is a variety of uncomfortable symptoms that can really make you miserable.

Sinusitis sufferers experience terrible nasal drip problems

Among the most common symptoms are:

  • Headaches, pain and pressure around the eyes

  • Facial tenderness or swelling

  • Nasal congestion or stuffiness

  • Nasal drainage

  • Bad breath

  • Irritated throat or cough

  • Tooth or ear pain

  • Fatigue

  • Post nasal drip

Your Sinuses Work to Keep You Healthy

Your sinuses are air filled spaces around and behind your eyes and nose. They are part of your upper respiratory system and are lined with mucus-secreting membranes that play an important role in trapping and removing organisms and pollutants that you inhale.

Sinusitis occurs when the membranes lining your sinuses become irritated and inflamed.  They can swell and block airflow into and drainage out of your sinuses. Without normal drainage your sinus cavities fill with stagnant fluid allowing bacteria to grow and cause a sinus infection.

Sinusitis can be considered Acute when symptoms are experienced for a temporary amount of time and then resolve, or Chronic when your symptoms last more than 12 weeks in spite of treatment.

Chronic Sinusitis is one of the most common chronic illnesses in the United States, affecting 37 million people each year.

Chronic Sinus Infections can last more than 12 weeks

Now relief is possible!

Traditional treatment for Chronic Sinus Infections can be frustrating.  You go back and forth to your primary care physician or urgent care center for antibiotics and steroid sprays.  You miss work, school, time with friends and family because of your symptoms.  You just get tired of being sick all the time.   But, we have good news -  now there’s a convenient, safe and effective in-office treatment that can free you from all that suffering. It’s called Balloon Sinuplasty, and you justmight be a candidate for this minimally invasive procedure.

The underlying cause of your sinus issues needs to be determined first, and sometimes there is more than one cause for your misery. 

Call for your appointment and get back on the road to sinus health!

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