Immunotherapy (Allergy Drops) for Long-Term Relief

Are Allergy Drops or Shots more effective?

Allergy drops are very quickly growing in popularity and availability because of their convenience and effectiveness. Dr. James Gordon and his team at South Arizona Sinus almost exclusively recommends sublingual immunotherapy because of the overwhelming response from patients on how convenient, manageable, safe and reliable the treatment is, especially when compared to allergy shots.

Sublingual Allergy Drops reviews by patients show that the most impactful advantages of allergy drops include safety, reasonable cost and convenience.

“I prefer an all-natural solution when it comes to therapy and treatment. Immunotherapy is exactly what I’m looking for! I’m so happy I can find sublingual allergy drops near me.”

Unlike pharmaceutical medications, drops are made from all-natural extracts of allergens such as pet dander, mold, dust, and pollen.

While some patients have taken allergy tests online, and have also shopped for sublingual allergy drops online, there are many benefits to exploring a local treatment plan by a professional. More about Allergy Testing.

“I’m so happy I found a safe way to treat mine and my family’s reactions to allergen triggers with allergy drops!

Drops are administered daily in trace amounts, reducing the risk of an allergic reaction to treatment. Reports of anaphylactic reactions to allergy shots are very rare (3 in 1 million); however, there are no reports of anaphylactic reactions to allergy drops.

 They're considered safe for: A) pediatric patients 5 years +, B) patients who are already prescribed medications such as beta blockers who cannot take allergy shots and C) needle phobic or shot-averse children and adults.

“I love how effective immunotherapy is at providing real relief throughout the year!”

A daily treatment schedule results in a rapid immune response. Many times, patients report that their symptom reduction is significantly impacted within the first month. Sublingual immunotherapy has been used for more than a century and scientific evidence is continuing to show that this is a very effective treatment plan.

According to the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, allergy drops are equally as effective in reducing symptoms as allergy shots.

“My allergy drops are so convenient!”

One of the most exciting advantages is that it works with your busy schedule. No more weekly or monthly office visits, no more office waiting rooms, no more hours stuck in traffic, no more missed school or work appointments, no more living your life around your treatment schedule.

The Cost of Convenience: How Allergy Drops Play A Part

All things considered, allergy drops cost are comparable to the co-pay and treatment costs of allergy shots. Sublingual immunotherapy reviews from patients have shown the additional benefit of savings in time and effort through reduced reliance on over-the-counter medications and less transportation expenses for office visits and to the pharmacy.

A dose of allergy drops can be administered in less than 5 minutes, within the comfort and safety of your own home! Compare this with allergy shot appointments which can take up to an hour to complete and require that you are at an allergy specialist’s office.

Allergy shots can cost you lots of time

When you consider this factor in the allergy drops vs shots debate, you end up with fewer hours of missed work spent waiting in doctor’s offices for allergy shots, which adds up to significant savings each week, month, and year by simply switching your treatment plan to allergy drops.

While insurance typically does cover allergy shots, you do have a copay for each office visit to get the shots administered. Without insurance, allergy shots can cost over $1000 a year! If you’re looking for more information about the cost of each treatment method, please contact our office.

How quickly do Allergy Drops start working?

Another major factor in the shots vs drops comparison is how quickly each method can begin to provide noticeable relief. The numbers speak for themselves: allergy shots begin working as early as four months, but can take up to a year for patients to experience the full benefit. Allergy drops begin working as early as four weeks. While patients may also be warned to expect the full year to experience the relief, the chance that you’d experience relief sooner leans very heavily toward the sublingual immunotherapy treatment path.

Allergy Drops: The Preferred Treatment

Immunotherapy treatments (allergy shots & drops) alter the function of your immune system over time to allow your body to develop a tolerance to allergens and triggers within your immediate environment.

Allergy drops use the same FDA-approved antigens as allergy shots – the only difference is the way the treatment is administered (injection vs. oral). With allergy drops, you are in control of your own schedule. You can administer them at home, work, school, while traveling or on vacation! South Arizona Sinus, and Dr. James Gordon, always personalizes each patient’s treatment plan, thereby empowering them to select the plan that will work best with their lifestyle and ultimately achieve the best long-term results.

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